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Originally Posted by Shov3BR View Post
RamMan - Yes, we went back to the drawing board to increase the power output significantly in an effort to make a unique product. Our electrical engineer finished assembling the first prototype PCBAs while we were at the Powersports Dealer Expo so they were ready for testing when we got home.

We're all trashed from long hours the working the show and traveling but we did get the first full load testing complete this afternoon. They run continuously at a full 3A. That's way beyond any USB device so we'll publish the specs at 2.2A or 2.5A for the iPAD users and still have plenty of margin. At some point we may look at a "Hydra-Cable" with more than one connector but we'll have to figure out how to make a weatherproof connection at each end without having it be a kluge.

We'll continue testing for a week or so with thermal profiling next on the test plan. When testing is complete we'll go out for pilot production build quotes and build. Bottom line, we should have product to market by mid-March.

I'll post some pics as soon as I get a chance.
-Don B
Hey Don,

I was wondering if you got the full-USB spec TAPP products in production. I'd like to upgrade from 1A to 3A so my DroidX charges better when in use.

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