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Originally Posted by rschulte View Post

Do you have any information on the Com gear for the Nolan N104 helmet? Price, availability, specs, etc?

We have not yet been provided official details on the Nolan N-Com Bluetooth Kit B4, however this is what the distributor was able to communicate. The ETA on the B4 is mid to late February, about the same time the Nolan N104 will launch. There is no confirmed pricing yet, but will likely be in the ball park of what the Nolan Basic Kit and the Nolan N-Com E-Box Bluetooth 2 Kit cost now. Please note the new B4 will be a complete kit and the Basic Kit will not be needed. The B4 will also be equipped with a FM receiver that will store up to 5 pre-set stations the user will control through the Nolan website.

When we have more information and confirmation on pricing, we will update our website.

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