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Ive had 2 stroms,1000 and 650,both were hidden under covers around the side of the house so as to not offend the neighbors with their looks. Neither had any sort of personality what so ever,if all you want is a bike that runs,get a strom.
The 650 in particular has the cheapest suspension available short of buying a Linghiaow China bike.
It bounced and banged to beat the band on hiway rides,absolutely sucked on a gravel road bouncing and clanging all over the place.
Yet most people love em and say they work fine. Id buy the Tiger,way more fun having the 3 cylinder grunt and maybe better suspension. WEE's are great for beginner bikes,if I had never ridden a bike that worked well I wouldnt have noticed what a cheap ill handling bike the strom is.
Some bikes around at times
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