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The risers shouldn't matter at all, if you're still using the HDB top clamp *on top* of your risers (as opposed to underneath, with the riser tops on top) as the inboard anchor for the guard arms, because the risers merely move the whole assembly up 2" or whatever.

The real question is if the HDB guards work with tall bars. You might hit up the HDB site...they have great service, and know a lot about the bikes their products go on. Having said that, though, I'm quite sure you can make it work. The HDB top clamp uses pivoting anchors, and you can bend the guard arms quite easily with a vice. I have the HDB guards (and Rox risers, but standard bars), and I bent them around a bit to fit around my non-stock brake lines and GPS mounts. No problem.

One detail that may or may not affect you, though: if you have a Scotts upper triple clamp, the Rox risers will sit slightly outboard of stock, as the Scotts stems are fatter. That means the bar top bolts are more than the standard 100mm apart...more like 108mm. If you're ordering a HDB top clamp, you'll want to measure and specify the right width. Because the HDB top clamp is all one piece (not two separate pieces), you need to have the right width.


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