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I have owned 26 bikes in 30 years of riding. When I bought my 05 Tiger I found the bike I will be keeping a LOOOOOONG time. ANd the ONLY bike I currently own. Reliability has not been an issue at all. Comfort, excellent, 1 or 2 up great around town or highway. the 955i engine is full of grunt, decent top end for the style of bike handles very good at speed for its size, it is versatile--seen them on the street track, off road gettin air and ridden around the world. Can pick up groceries with it, and even carry eggs home without breaking them (do it all the time) and look good doing it
And the minute you hear that triple engine growl, you will certainly smile over the soft put put of the wee strom. Plus, everytime you stop you get questions, compliments and often wonderful history stories like "my Uncle owned a 68 Triumph---fine bike, etc. etc.blah blah) My TIger even does EVERYTHING a 1200 GS can do, with more horse power, and try and find a GS for the same price you get a decent used Tiger....and don't even get me started on that "shaft" drive versus chain argument.......I can carry a spare chain and change it in the middle of that with the shaft drive......
Here are a couple comparo articles to let you see side by side.

For the $$$$ I would always take a 955 over a 650.
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