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I can report zero leaks in gaskets, no issues with rusted, uhm... anything or any problems at all in 6 years.
Only standard maint. type stuff, brake pads, tires, oil etc. etc. which you replace on any bike.

And (if it matters to you) the other thing aside from character that differs is horsepower. I see figures online in the 65-70 hp range for MR. Wee. Around 100-125 for the Tiger.....IF that sort of thing means anything to you.

BUt I can tell you it means a grand slide load to me when I am cracking the throttle to get out of the way of giant SUV driving soccer mom more interested in texting than
driving on the roadway........just saying.

No offense intended amk a riding buddy of mine owns and dearly LOVES his wee strom, puts thousands of miles a month on it. ANd it is a fine bike for him, and maybe for many. Just pointing out price being the same you get more Tiger for your $
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