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2012-01-08 Noise found?

Apologies in advance for the lousy formatting. I maintain my own Candy Butt Association site, built on Drupal. For full high res pix and story, please click here, sorry for the extra work on your part. [/URL]

For reasons completely foreign to me, it's not possible to simply cut and paste from my site to other sites or from one site to another. Since I belong to more than one site, building each up 'pristine' is just too much work.

I did find a kinda-sorta work-around for AdvRider, my favoritest site of all - so it will give an idea of where the project is going, at least for all 5 peeps that seem interested, !

So here goes - and remember,
For full high res pix and story, please click here Candy Butt Association.


Spent most of yesterday working on the mighty KZ. Initial plans were to:

  1. Check valve clearances
  2. See what she looked like without the barn door fairing (still contemplating cafe KZ!)
  3. Determine cam chain sloppiness and idler gear wear.

I've already replaced the stock wimpy coils with real sparkies, did that years ago. The bottom coil has to be removed for valve cover


These radiator shrouds were the 'hot' ticket item back in 1979 - they keep some of the engineheat off the tank and rider.

Shrouds removed.

Yes, really. It takes all these bolts to keep the valve cover in place...

Pleasantly surprised to see the cams and interior of engine were looking clean, clean, clean!

Cam lobes - no pitting or galling, whew!


For manual crank rotation, removed the left hand side alternator cover. In a previous post, I had removed the RHS.

Could this be the source of my 1,500 crank buzzing? Look closely.

Ouch! What the heck?

The problem - the pix doesn't' show it well, but the bolt ends are extending to far out and contacting the stator. 

Man, am I glad I looked at this - it's the cam chain idler gear and it's about toast. Non longer available from Kawi, either.I think they are available from aftermarket though..

Insert video here

Top of piston looks OK too..

Numbers for documentation.

Engine numbers.

Valve clearance info. Most of the intakes are right at the tight side of clearance.

Part of the AIR induction system. Look at how rich it looks. Pure carbon..

Reeds removed.

I had to to do it. Broke out the buffing wheel just to see if the aluminum would polish out. It kinda sorta did, good enough for now.

Many, many thanks to David E over at - the Bible for all things KZ1300.


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