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Originally Posted by pierce View Post
as long as its not spiced or flavored. I can't stand spiced or flavored beers. I don't care if its cinnamon and cloves in a Christmas ale, or coffee in a porter, or vanilla in a cream stout, it all tastes nasty in beer.
Well, I hate to say it Pierce, but if you liked my stout the last couple years, then you've enjoyed the massive amount of coffee I put in it. I didn't want anyone falling asleep and miss all the fun! I also used a chocolate malt. (barley malt, not malted milk balls). To get the mocha flavor I like in an imperial stout. I usually go lighter with a Guinness clone, but I still use a little coffee. I don't usually go for flavored beer either, which includes fruit weisens, but coffee and stout seem to be meant for each other.
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