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Hello to all and to limcheewang,

I don't know if this works on the African Twin. I'm a rather small guy and my Suzuki DR 750 Big is a big, heavy bike for me. Until I put a tank-crash-bar on it it was nearly impossible for me to lift it on it's center-stand. Every possible grabbing-point for my right hand was out of reach or had sharp edges that prevented a good, hard grip.
Now I can put my right foot on the loop of the stand (there's no lever on it) and press it down to the ground. I put my left hand on the crash-bar and my right hand on the left passenger's grip. Before, I turn the handle-bar to it's right-hand stop. Now I can pull the bike up at the tank-guard and just have to guide the back of it with my right hand. Main-force is on the left hand! I ignore the handle-bar's tendency to turn left when the bike starts rising. Having it turned to the right side just gives me space enough to bow towards the guard and start the operation. Otherwise my head would get in the bar's way (or is that the other way round )?

Sorry for loosing so many words on such a simple topic, but it's very important for small people ...

Kind regards to all of you and to limcheewang from Hobbit to Hobbit ... Bambi
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