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not odd

I find this a very rational choice and have stewed upon it MANY times.
so far I've stuck with the devil i know...

I find the Tigger a unique entry and Triumph should have kept evolving it instead of trying to switch it to a road warrior.
Around here, a 955 of the latter years can be quite inexpensive if you catch one - I see maybe four or five up for sale on craigslist per season [which is awful long here... really year-round if you can stand the heat].

everytime I consider it however I think to myself: "what exactly do I GAIN from switching from Weestrom which is all dialed-in at this point, to Tiger?"
And the answers I come up with are:
- its different.
- its probably a much more suitable 2-up ride in the boonies. but I avoid 2-up if/when I can which is most of the time
- it has more raw power

Other than that, its all downside:
- worse fuel efficiency
- a few more issues that must be dealt with
- wee bit tougher aftermarket
- not as nimble
- its heavier - i hate weight
- the unknown...

Originally Posted by Yenool View Post
So I've been riding for over 5 years now, the last 3+ on a SV650S. The sport bike setup is finally catching up to me (my back in particular) and the adv bikes are really interesting to me. I'll mostly be using my new bike for commuting, but I'd like to get out on the weekends and still be able to do some twisties and getting off the pavement would be awesome too (I would think at least - haven't really done any off roading). Some long distance touring once a year could be cool too.

Anyways it would seem both of the Wee and older Tigers can be had for $4-6k depending on mileage and add-ons. They both seem to be mostly street oriented, but as I've found on here plenty of people play with them in the tame (and some not so tame) off road duty. My main concern is that the Tiger may be less reliable and cost me more time/money on maintenance. Since I'm coming from an SV I'm already pretty familiar with the Suzuki V-twin and have been pleased with it. Part of me loves the reliability, but another part is ready for something new as long as it won't cost me an arm and a leg. Plus the wee is kinda ugly :-p

Any advice fellas? I'd appreciate it!

-Yenool (San Diego)
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