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I'm trying to install a Moose Racing / TCI Borrego (believe they are the same rack) on the back of my DR650. There are no places on the new rack where the turn signals could be mounted so I'm assuming it is meant to be used with the stock grab handles that the signals are mounted to. Using the same hardware that was holding the grab handles, I can not get the new rack tightened properly at all 4 corners. The tubing of the new rack gets in the way of the turn signal mount on the stock grab handles. I've tried several ways of tightening the front screws first, rears first, one side at a time, etc. No matter what I do though either a front or a rear bolt will not tighten all the way. Since it doesn't line up right from the interference of the rack tubing and signal mount if I force the bolt to tighten it, then it will keep popping back out before it tightens up. I'm afraid of stripping out the threads where the bolts screw into as I've noticed some shavings under it from where I kept trying to muscle the bolt in.

Any ideas? I'm thinking of buying longer than stock bolts to see if that helps, though am thinking I would still have the problem of the turn signal mounts rubbing on the rack?

FYI: this is the rack is to be used with the grab handles. Remove the grab handles to install the rack, install rack, then install grab handles with the front bolts first. You'll need a 1/4" spacer for between the frame and grab handle for the rear bolt. It will still be a tight fit.
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