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How I missed this RR......I do not know?
Thanks for coming back with updates even thou some of them must have been painful!

Fantastic attitude, humour, photography (the bike/landscape parts anyways - your medical photography skills need some work thou) and perseverance!

Yes, I would agree that the bike and sense of exploration is in your blood! Kudos!

I have one question that you may not be able answer, but I thought I would ask anyways for your thoughts:

Looking back, did you ever try thinking through what actually caused the lower leg damage?

Yes, I know a spill happens in milli-seconds, but in all the time you spent in the hospital bed, did you ever care to try and figure it out?

The reason I ask (this seemingly stupid, irrelevant (and possibly insensitive question)) is that I have had several discussions with other riders about the pros and cons of indestructible aluminum panniers and lower leg/foot injuries always seem to be part of that discussion(??).

Any thoughts?
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