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Originally Posted by tkitna View Post
Same here. Went to a Seahawks/Steeler game in Pittsburgh during the 97' season (before the Seahawks were decent and known to America) and those asshat Steeler fans were spitting on a 12 year old girl that was wearing a Seahawks jacket for no reason. I felt horrible. It was only her and her dad, but what was he supposed to do against 25 idiots drunk on weasel piss Iron City? I got the security guard and he told them they would have to move and she shouldnt have worn the jacket. I wont go into the near beatings I had to endure while using the pisser. Guess I shouldnt have worn my hat. Lucky for me it was only the 4th game of the season against the pitiful Seahawks or I might have been killed.

I shouldnt be surprised. Something like that seems to happen everytime i'm in that fucking city. I'm told its a great place though.
Hah, if you think they are bad, you should meet some Eagles fans. The Steeler fans are still pre-pubescent compared to them.
Hillary, it would be like Frasier being elected president; only uglier.
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