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I've ridden and like both.
I could have bought my bro's squeaky clean, babied V-strom that he doesn't ride much. Instead, I rolled the dice and had a used '06 Tiger shipped from a Ga dealer to me here in Az.
Glad I did. The Tiger makes me smile, the V-strom just got me down the road.
My '06 tiger is bone stock as far as I know and it regularly gets 50 mpg. That gives me a longer range than my buddy riding his V-strom.
Maybe all the other Tigers out there have been modified and don't get 50 mpg.
The V-strom's realiability is legendary. The Tiger has a couple minor quirks, but for some (most), the power makes up for it.
I did change out (very easy) the regulator/rectifier to the newer mosfet type as I read the stock one can lead to electrical system problems.
The other famous issue for the Tiger is the radiator cap. A little challenging to get to. Get a spare. Apparently, they tend to crap out.
Also, I absolutely had to get the seat modified - Spencer's made all the difference.
The stock V-strom seat does seem to be more comfy, but then again seats are such a personal thing.
The passing power of the Tiger on the highway is fantastic.... addictive even. That triple whistle is also a beautiful thing.
The tranny on the V-strom feels a little smoother. The V-strom headlight might be stronger.
I will attest, the Triumph will get you more attention at the gas station, especially from older Triumph fans.

Can't go wrong with either. One is more practical, one is more powerful.
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