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Right now I'm thinking I want to make it 3 days in early May for the first class. Very similar to the way we teach our riding classes, I feel that hitting on the basics right from the start is the best way to get started, no matter the level of experience. That said, the more experienced can aid in helping the less experienced and even learn from it (I learn more from the questions I'm asked than anything else.) Doing this we can figure out where the beginning riders are at and at and see what the faster riders need to work on, as it will be sort of a practice run for them.

Rally School Part 1

Day 1:
Half-day going over basics/Half-day on the bike doing a simple rally stage.

Day 2:
Short re-cap from issues day 1 / Longer stage on bikes broken up depending on skill level. Likely a Bivauc for the fun of it. Evening breakdown of days lessons.

Day 3: Short stage to lunch break/ Discussion about lessons/ Finish stage.

My target dates as of now would be May 1,2,3 or 7,8,9 which is very near the Las Vegas final of the SX series and the first round of the Endurocross series as I will have to be at those events.

I still have not located any bike rentals and will have to wait for Dakar to finish to learn more about bike preperation for those really serious about having a bike set up following the classes. I have a very different aproach than most in regards to this as I feel that going on a very standard bike is the best way to do this but the 450cc rule is a little difficult for this process. I look at what Johnny Campbell (Honda XR650) did in 2001 and how Cyril Despres did the Dakar in 2000 (Honda XR400) as a very encouraging way to do the rally for your first time (or at least the first proper time.)

Cost is still TBD but the first round will not be that expensive when you consider the lessons you will learn.

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