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Originally Posted by shrineclown View Post
Hah, if you think they are bad, you should meet some Eagles fans. The Steeler fans are still pre-pubescent compared to them.
That is a serious"no shit" statement. My ex is from Philly and our trips back there during the football season were, uh, interesting. I sit in my in-laws living room watching the Iggles play and it was dead silent during the game. No and I mean NO criticism that their team was tolerated no matter how lame they played.

If the Broncos were playing a nationally broadcast game they'd sit there and make fun of every single play even if the Broncs were winning. If I tried to engage them in a civil discourse about football they'd laugh at me like I was an idiot who knew nothing about the game. Now, this, mind you, was during some years where the Iggles sucked and the Broncos were in the playoffs almost every year.

Dick Vermiel is a god there as is Ron Jaworski. They do not tolerate any criticism of their sports teams unless it's another Philly resident (you have to have the proper accent and bits of cheesesteak on your jersey).

I once went to a Phillies game and saw a kid who couldn't have been much more than 8 or 9 years old heckle the players like a pro. The kid was wearing a T-shirt that said "Shit on Pitt" on the back.
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