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Rongkol Lake

Was very strongly surprised to run ton camels there. They seemed to feel in the same way. Never saw them camels in this places. And weather all time varies.

I did not care much about Lake. I wanted to see that сave with a mysterious fire. I really saw it once. There is even a local legend about that fire.
Long time ago, a gold caravan was passing thru this country. Caravan merchants learned that robbers would attack them at night. They saw a cave with the entrance located on a high altitude. They decided to hide there. They killed camels and made some kind of an embankment from their dead bodies. They hid in the cave with their gold and wolves ate all dead camels. Robbers found out where the gold was but they could not make it upwards. They surrounded the cliff hoping the merchants would capitulate and give gold for water and food. Time passed and no answer from caravan. Angry, robbers killed their camels and ascended in the cave same way the caravan merchants did. Inside, they found no men and no gold. So, the fire began to light there since those events. Like waving to others to tell about what got left after the caravan.
IN some time, I found the cliff and of course saw the cave. Disappointment was there was no fire.

Fire Cave Cliff.

No fire inside the cave.

….and an alien space vessel))

Disappointed I decided to proceed to take a tour towards the border with China.

Rongkul Village.

Approaching Rongkul Village I noticed the coming of a sandstorm. Wind was growing stronger and the dust was penetrating thru helmet and goggles.


there was a frontier ranger station nearby. I asked them to host me. They did not refuse and immediately checked all credentials. Station Boss and his deputy took me to their office, verified me personality and gave hot tea. Young officers were doing their non-stop 3-year service time. Under the conditions of life similar to those on Mars, i.e. it is not clear if there any life there… or not… My mentality spoiled in urban communities does not succeed to comprehend such lifestyle. The latter actually has some benefits. Army men get paid some USD250 a month, with all high altitude bonuses included. That is a good salary for a young Tajik Lieutenant. Besides, one year of such service total three – thanks to Moutains.
The storm was fading and I had to go back to Murgab, before something else would happen. On the road back I looked at the cliff again and WOODSTOCK! I almost fell down from bike. Oh, Heavenly Happiness! I saw that fire. Or was it illusion? I promptly made several shots and checked them on the camera monitor just to make sure I did not have the high altitude tripping. This is not a hallucination. because twice in my life. I was happy! There was the fire.

Zoom managed to catch the fire

I chose to linger and took off. The weather was getting nasty again.

Back to Murgab.
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