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In all fairness

I agree on the mileage, I have the Blue Flame exhaust and average 48 mpg (when I go easy on the throttle---rare--- under "normal" hooligan riding I still get 45mpg.)
But after reading my previous posts, I felt in all fairness I must state. I am not a rabid Triumph "maniac." I have owned many many brands, including a number of Suzukis over the years, numerous dirtbikes, a rare (and wish I hadn't sold) VX800, 2 Intruders (800 and 1400) a Marauder 800 and a 750 Katana, to a one I had never a single mechanical issue or complaint of any type, WONDERFUL bikes all and I would have anyone of them back in a heartbeat. IMHO I "like" the Tiger over the Strom. BUt its only my opinion. The Tiger is not for everybody, it is Tall, Top Heavy and if you are not skilled it can be a cruel mistress that WILL bite you. It is NOT a beginners bike. I had been riding 27 years before I got my Tiger.
In the end it really is a matter of what fits YOU and your needs and wallet the best. It doesn't matter if you ride a 250 Ninja or a giant 2300 cc Triumph Rocket 3, it only matters that you get out there and RIDE
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