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A doctor I know has his own plane, an older Piper I think. Anyway, he lives here in East Texas, but he has one kid in Colorado (and a second house there), one kid in Montana, and one kid in Iowa. He bought a plane last year because he said he could use it and get there faster than the airlines, whenever he wanted, and and not for that much more money, plus, way more fun than the airlines. I think he averages about 20 MPG in his plane, so aside from more maintenance and airport fees it wasn't that much more expensive than driving his truck.

Granted, with his job and no other bills he can afford the upkeep that comes with plane ownership. Kinda like a boat in my opinion, except much more useful

One day I would love to get into flying. Always been a dream of mine. Finances and family have held me back thus far, but one day...
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