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Originally Posted by SHO_GuN View Post
That should work. If you aren't adverse to eBay, check there before purchasing as you may get a better deal. They also have a couple Sunstar brand currently listed @ $32.36 with free shipping. One of my sprockets is a Sunstar but I forget whether it's the front or rear but they both still look like new.

As far as changing it yourself ... you have to remove the wheel of course and removing the bolts that hold the sprocket on scared me as they were very tight the whole way out and did a lot of screeching. I was suprised neither broke, but they didn't.

You will probably have to shorten the chain also. My chain didn't have a master link, so I had to cut the chain and get a replacement o-ring master link. Cutting the chain was straight forward, but is tough. I also had trouble getting the new master link together as I didn't have the special tool. I used a small socket that would fit over just one pin and cranked it together with a small c-clamp moving back and forth from one pin to the other until the out piece would fit.

Yup, I'll be taking that across the river to the nearest bike shop to have the work done. I can perform basic maintenance on my bike but this is where I start to break things and start costing myself more money...

Thanks for the help!!!!
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