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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Jon Elway should go on the field and replace Tebow I'd actually root for that team. For this game I don't give a shit; though I will be wearing my Romanowski jersey and old Denver hat just to see the reactions in Boston.

Also the Pats should put Brad Marchand as a defensive end since he has some time off from the Bruins. He's 5'9, 183 lbs and would trash a NFL running back cause as Andrew Ference said he is the honey badger.

Sheesh, are you on something?

Me, I'm loving Tim making all his critics suck tidewater. Especially that dope, Trent Dilfer. Who?

The Bronco's will cover the spread. If Pats try that man pass defense, Tebow will light them up. Hopefully the Pats won't be that stupid. Tim can throw the deep ball and all that completion percentage stuff is garbage. He simply throws the ball away a whole lot. His NCAA completion record is tops. He can hit his man, and he will tomorrow if the Pats let him run around in the backfield.
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