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Originally Posted by Paul_B View Post
Awesome video, and nice flying.

I had a very similar plane, a Sig LT-25 (taildragger) with a brushed Astro 15 with a high ratio gearbox. Flew great on 8 NiCd cells.
The LT-25 is an awesome plane. I had one that I built as my "re-entry" trainer after getting out of r/c for a long time. When I first built it, I had a Fox .40BB powering it, when it felt like it. It could do unlimited vertical, which was not so common 10 years ago; unfortunately, it also liked to randomly flame out, making me a master in the fine art of deadstick landings. Finally got sick of it and put a plain old OS .40FP on it, still overpowered, but not the kind of power the Fox made (sometimes). I wound up donating the plane to my club for use as an intro trainer, wish I hadn't. I have a nice AXI outrunner and ESC sitting in a box that would be perfect for it.
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