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Originally Posted by godwinmt View Post
Any issues running the jet kit with the stock airbox configuration and exhaust? I think i'm going to play around with the screw on the bottom of the carb and see if I can get it to behave a bit better. It's not bad as long as you let it idle for a couple minutes and warm up.
I wouldn't run the different jets without opening up the box in some way. I tried leaving the lid off, but I didn't like the additional noise, so I went to a 2-inch hole in the lid. That was considerably quieter. I have kientech's larger nozzle in the muffler, too.

When I was riding in really cold weather (like well below freezing) all the time a few years ago, the warm-up time was just too long, and it's cured now. It was always okay 35 degrees and up, just a little cold-blooded.

It'll probably help if you just richen up the idle circuit, but I found that the lean spot was somewhere off idle. It would pop off every time, even down to ten degrees, and sit there and idle, but you couldn't give it any throttle for a few minutes. Now with the jetting changes, it's much better.

Ladybug, I bet you have a weak battery in yours. Mine always pops right off, even below freezing.
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