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[QUOTE=godwinmt;17745790]Any issues running the jet kit with the stock airbox configuration and exhaust? I think i'm going to play around with the screw on the bottom of the carb and see if I can get it to behave a bit better. It's not bad as long as you let it idle for a couple minutes and warm up.

just open up the idle mixture screw 2 to 3 turns open. the stock air box openings provide more than enough air for the size of the stock carb size. also try removing the metal screen inside of the air filter for extra airflow.
hard starting esp when cold is always the idle mixture screw.
with stock exhaust a jet kit is not required. I opened up the stock exhaust, by drilling the epa baffle. nice upgrade with the 3 turns open. I believe the needle also needs to be shimmed after the exhaust mod, but the weather changed to winter, so this testing will not be done until 60-70 degree weather is back.
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