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Same here. Went to a Seahawks/Steeler game in Pittsburgh during the 97' season (before the Seahawks were decent and known to America) and those asshat Steeler fans were spitting on a 12 year old girl that was wearing a Seahawks jacket for no reason. I felt horrible. It was only her and her dad, but what was he supposed to do against 25 idiots drunk on weasel piss Iron City? I got the security guard and he told them they would have to move and she shouldnt have worn the jacket. I wont go into the near beatings I had to endure while using the pisser. Guess I shouldnt have worn my hat. Lucky for me it was only the 4th game of the season against the pitiful Seahawks or I might have been killed.

I shouldnt be surprised. Something like that seems to happen everytime i'm in that fucking city. I'm told its a great place though.
come to green bay, we treat opposing fans pretty good.
we understand that some people like other teams.
also expect to get offerred beers, brats, shots, cocktails, cheese, etc. while walking through the parking lot.
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