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This guy seemed to do his VFR homework except for market value.

With the history rarity and following for this bike I won't be surprised if someone snaps it up to restore.
Nobody is restoring that mess for more than five or six hundred bucks, and that's if the opened up motor you opened up and took pictures of actually turns over. That thing is so knackered you'd have a hard sell at that price even if it ran and rode.

Someone could also make good money by parting it out.
I've parted out about 25 bikes and the almost identical VF1000F motor parts I had are about the worst things I've ever wasted my time listing. I've been trying to sell these things for over a year and have dropped the price over and over again. They're so bad I've literally tried to give the whole lot away to any customer that buys a single part. For a parts bike value since the bodywork is busted and it's in such dirty shape the wheels, suspension, and brakes might be the only thing worth any money and I'm only guessing that because it's an R model. Carbs and engine electronics might be worth something if the motor ran, but since it's not you can't honestly list them as working parts. You might be able to find the right fool but I'd only give you about $100 for that bike if you dropped it off at my door.
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