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I've always been a BMW guy. Sad, I know, but it's true.

Why is it these late 60's and early 70's british bikes just look ... RIGHT? When I close my eyes and picture a motorcycle .. it's not a BMW. It's a '67 Triumph. I have no idea of the model. And of course Steve McQueen is riding it. WHY?!

because Triumph is THE ultimate vintage bike. the epitome of cool. look up cool in the dictionary. a Triumph will be pictured under the definition. probably a 67. guess what? you nailed it.

I'm guessing it's a disease, and there is no cure. Just my luck.

Originally Posted by shearboy2004 View Post
Oh there is a cure alright ! You just need to buy one or two then it changes from a disease to an addiction .
copy that.
just do it.
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