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I wouldn't split forums, or change the firehose.

I agree with the suggestion of a dedicated RR phone in the biv, if we can find someone who's going to be with the riders every evening to help set up calls. Leave the Rally Radio donate button open all year to help pre-fund this. If more pics can be added during the event to that data stream, it would rule - as would short video (30-60 second shout-outs).

Mischa needs a trophy for improving the timing-tracking, though I'll admit by the end I'd figured out enough to scoop his site by 30 seconds or so. Perhaps a tutorial on this, if anyone can remember all the steps, and ASO doesn't change up the format too much before 2013.

JML also needs a trophy, for the captured and hosted video. I hope he or someone like him can pull off the same stunt next year, given the lousy coverage available through any other proper means in the US. Associated with that, I'd love to know how people found all the streaming live video from local broadcasters - and maybe a sticky about how to use them. I know Canal-7 today had quite a few embedded spam layers to fight through, if the first person to figure it out has a way to document that for others, it would make viewing easier.

Of course, the ultimate solution is to get a Rally Radio 4x4 van set up for 2 weeks of expedition, w/a motorcycle on the back hitch to roam and grab video coverage from multiple angles, edit in the biv, get interviews, and beam it all up via satellite link on a daily basis. Our own press corps. Wouldn't take more than 2 or 3 people, and of course, money. Perhaps sponsorship is possible for something like this, I dunno. One of the non-KTM factories, maybe, or a 3rd party with deep pockets. Van makes a nice billboard for near-exclusive US coverage. Wonder what the ASO rules on press are? Clearly there's a bunch besides Eurosport, so they can't enforce total exclusivity if we go for press credentials. Just a thought.

Finally, if nothing changes and 2013 is a total repeat of the most excellent effort we saw this year, even with dead horses, cows, and keyboards, it'll be fantastic - so don't feel pressured at all to top this at any cost. It's good, man, it's damn good.
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