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Originally Posted by pilot815 View Post
When I want to put time into a model, I build something like this:

When I want to fly, I buy something like this:

I could build them, but I probably wouldn't fly them. Some day I will get into it when I get better, but for now ARF and RTF is what I like for flying.
The foamies made by parkzone are some very nice flying planes, I started with a GWS baby tiger moth, then an Easy Star, then the Parkzone Corsair....bought the corsair when it came off the truck at the hobby I have had it a few years now. I have the large VQ P-39, and the small planes in the series the Spad XIII, Nieuport 11 and DR1, they are all ARF's and very nice. Most complex plane is the Bonanza and it is full house with retracts, flaps and all. Once you get a good stable plane like the parkzone series and master those you can fly just about anything. I know people start off on those planes but it is not something I would suggest.

I just picked up a Sky Raider from Airfield in 800mm...I will let you all know how it goes after the big brown truck brings it if anyone is intrested.
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