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I was riding home tonight on a dark country road around 60mph, the back end suddenly gave way and violently shook from side to side in a drift like manner, I managed to get the bike under control and pull over in the dark. The bike died and I tried to start it twice, it fired up but sounded rough. I noticed something smoky in the lights coming from the bike. After further inspection I found the drain plug missing. The oil had dumped it self out and I was stranded.

I was in the middle of nowhere and I insisted to my wife that I do not need a cell phone. I had left my survival bag at home its normally strapped to the back of the bike so I was screwed. I had to walk 5 miles in the dark through ditches, I saw 2 cruiser motorcycle and the twats didn't pullover to help even through I was in full biker gear.

I'm waiting for a friend to cover over with a truck to recover the bike from where I hid it. Hope it is still there, I don't think I'll find the drain plug. Can someone please post a part no. so I can order a replacement.

That was the closest call i've had to crashing, man it was intense.
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