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Originally Posted by Roadracer_Al View Post
Well, unfortunately, I have to share the sad tale of another POS...

A little over a year ago, I bought a top-of-the-line 4.25" hand grinder from Sears -- my first hand grinder was a reconditioned Sears, and I'd been using it for over 20 years.

What a mistake. I was using it with a flap wheel to smooth welds. Within 4 months, the damn thing starts acting up - it needs a little nudge on the wheel to get it running. Then, it starts shooting BIG SPARKS out the vents! So I take it all apart, discover it's full of funk, so I clean it, chuck it up in my lathe and skim the rotor which had very bad arc burns, and reassemble it.

It lasts for 2 months, then starts shooting sparks out the side again. It's full of funk again, and the funk is accumulating where the brushes are located! Kinda bad plan, since it's a GRINDER, and grinders make electrically conductive dust. WTF? Put the fan on the other end, Mr. Rocket Doctor.

So, I haul it back to Sears. Turns out that Sears has PUSSIFIED the Craftsman name: now, it don't mean shit. Now the have a 90-day warranty (no guarantee anymore) on power tools. I ask the sales dood "So, does Sears still have a 'satisfaction guarantee'?" He says "yes", so I slide the grinder across the counter again and say "I'm not satisfied". He laughs heartily, and says it doesn't work like that. I asked for the manager, he repeats the same line, so I told him, and I'll tell everyone that will listen, that if I want a made in China POS, I'll go to Harbor Freight and pay $20, not $90 for a throw-away tool that is badly and dangerously designed. And, really, what is a Satisfaction Guarantee if they won't honor it? Nothing but lying advertising bullshit.

I will *never* buy another tool from Sears, ever.
I nearly concur. Take a look at 90% of all Craftsman hand tools (wenches, screwdrivers, sockets, pliers, etc) they are now made in China. WTF Sears...this is why we bought Craftsman tools in the first place. They cost 1/2 of Snap-On, were made in the USA and had a lifetime warranty. I have two roll cabinets full of Craftsman tools, but, hells bells, I'd just as well get HF or Kobalt...they are too made in China and have a lifetime warranty. fucked yourself on this one.
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