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Icon Hooligan 2 gloves - they are made of some sort of suede like material that the hook part of velcro will destroy in a few uses. I got maybe a months worth of wear outta these POS gloves.

Sunblocker shade stripe - or whatever the hell its called. You know the little strip of tinted material that sticks to the inside of the helmet visor...supposed to keep the sun outta your eyes...Another POS. Would not stick. I ripped it out and put two strips of black (electrical) tape on the outside of the visor. Cost maybe 1/2 cent. Works like a charm and is easily replaceable. This particular tape has been on my visor for two years in all types of weather (rain, hail, etc, etc) and still sticks. Wanna get it off...pull and get a dab of goo-gone or the like.

VW Quantum - this was a in line 5 cyl car. What a POS. It ate lifters like skittles. I only think VW made this POS for a couple years. Three sets of lifters in 30K miles. Not too mention all the other "little" issues. My wicked witch of the south bitch ex-wife traded it on a newer-used car one day without my knowing..sorta glad at the time. Long story short. The bitch took 2500$ of my savings that was gonna get used to pay the yearly property taxes without telling me, to pay the difference on the newer car since the VW was still on credit. I didn't find out about the 2500$ until 6 months later. Oh! I forgot to mention the same said, witch ex-wife was the one that "had to have" the VW Quantum in the first fucking place. I don't know what I hated more, the car or her. . ...

Yep! I hate her more. Still do and we been divorced for 19 years. The car was a total POS...but she was a fucking BI-OTCH! Shit..My blood pressure is sky high now just thinking about that troll. My grandma made a statement a few days after we separated...way back in 1993...
"Well, she came from shit...she can go back to shit now...I reckon"
Seems that Grandma had a way with words.

Maybe in comparison the Icon Hooligan gloves weren't so bad after all.

Lemmings non sumus

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