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Originally Posted by jbhawley View Post

Sunblocker shade stripe - or whatever the hell its called. You know the little strip of tinted material that sticks to the inside of the helmet visor...supposed to keep the sun outta your eyes...Another POS. Would not stick. I ripped it out and put two strips of black (electrical) tape on the outside of the visor. Cost maybe 1/2 cent. Works like a charm and is easily replaceable. This particular tape has been on my visor for two years in all types of weather (rain, hail, etc, etc) and still sticks. Wanna get it off...pull and get a dab of goo-gone or the like.

Yep, I had one put on at a rally for $15. Took it off after riding 10 miles and put it in a trash can. I could have spent that money on beer.
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