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[QUOTE=duoderf;17769295]I fixed my center stand, or rather I cut the thing to pieces and welded it so that it actually works with the bike set at its stock height. When I bought the bike it was lowered 2 inches and the PO fitted it with a center stand that was designed for the lowered bike. I raised it back up to stock ride height last year and the center stand didnt work. Plus the design of the way it was supposed to be operated sucked, it had a small nub to push on, and there was no lever to help lift the bike with your foot. Taking a design cue from almost every other center stand I've ever seen in my life I redesigned it so that it actually works with some effort. Although I will admit that it actually took 3 attempts to get the lever fitted right. [QUOTE=duoderf;17769295]

I went thru all the same stuff with a 2000 center stand. This time, with an '09, I bought an adjustable
stand: which is really well designed
and works great.
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