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As you prob know from being around is that not many mechs over here know about the different rear seals. I had 2 bmw specialists not know this. MD of course def knows his stuff!!
As I have had both gbox & final drive seals done 'recently' I am still surprised that there was oil there. I'm hoping it was just left over from the last gbox seal replacement. Either that or I think that we should have preshaped the seal as per snowbums meticulous preparation.
Either way the seal is pretty easy to do without taking the gearbox off.

Did you find any damage to your gearbox shaft or any seperation of the gears as per Antons thread with your circlip mod? this issue is very interesting as Rob Farmer on ukgsers hasn't come across many at all over there whereas of course the seppos worry about everything that could go wrong. Unfortunately I don't trust the mech that took my gearbox apart & I can't remember if he mentioned if mine had been done or not. I will undoubtedly get it checked out by someone in the future.

I hope you do a bush job on it so when I get to wellywood we can all be bushrangers
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