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Originally Posted by kirkster70
I still can't understand how companies can make such a blatant copy without being shut down.

Originally Posted by ronnath View Post
i asked the same question when the Reflex clones popped up and nobody could really answer it.
This is the way I understand it, Some the Japanese manufactures ( Honda for example) have agreements with certian Chinese manufactures which allows the Chinese to build copies of Japanese bikes. In addition I read that Chinese manufacturers sometime register the trademarks of older out of production Japanese scooters which allows them to produce a copy/clone vehicle.
A few years ago I also recall reading that Honda sold a bunch of tolling equipment to a Chinese manufacturer to produce exact clones of one of their scooters or engines. I forget which it was. So in some instances at least, these clone vehicles may be authorized.

By the way, there is a sight (Sorry no link) which tears apart a Genuine Japanese scooter engine ( I forget which one, it may have been the 250cc Helix clone) and it's Chinese counterpart and compares the quality of the two. If I recall correctly, the biggest difference was in the quality of some of the metal casting. Overall I remember that they were very impressed with the clone engine.

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