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Airfield Sky Raider

This showed up last night so no work on cleaning up old cars....I built this instead. It is a 32" wingspan plane...and it is a little plane, runs on a 1000 2s battery that is (from what I have read) 5-7min of flight time. It is to have a pretty high wing loading so it likes to be flown fast. No chance to get the first flight in...and it looks like it may be a little bit with winds in the 20mph range. Just too windy for a little bird.

Here are some pics...tonight I am going to do a little wright up on this plane on rcgroups...and I can cross post it here if you would like.

I will say this is the first new plane I have bought in about 2 years....WOW is all I can say...just wow, the detail, fit finish, paint, decals....hell everything is just mind blowing. I don't think the photos I took will do it justice. I bought the RTF and that had everything you need to get the plane in the air less 4 AA batts....all for less than $100, and that included shipping. The plane went together very fast, no issues...I will post up a post flight review when it calms down....hopefully it will be less windy just before dusk tonight.

On to the pics....I will get a pic of the finished plane tonight.

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