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Originally Posted by olegeezer View Post
This Geezer/Gringo is now in Johnson City, TX (from West (by God) Vaginy) and headed for the Canyon. Any suggestions on the paper work, insurance, vehicle permit, etc. that might pose a problemo, please chime in here. I have all the docs as far as I know for getting in and I've read that Presidio should? be straight forward.
Also hoping to saddle up with a few other riders initially for some company. I've never ridden in Mexico and I'm looking forward to it and hopefully some warmer weather as I move south.
You should be fine on paperwork since you've been reading things here. The Mexicans are usually a bit slow to get your permits (because the money and paperwork are handled by different agencies) but generally they are happy to work with you. Any problems, just post 'em here.

Good luck, and have fun!
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