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I combined RC components with a camera and a motorcycle to make a gyro-stabilized camera mount.

MotoGP developed some gyr-stabilized camera systems that can provide live TV-quality video feeds. As you can imagine, the technology, while spectacular, is complex and expensive.

I learned about piezo gyros and that they'd been miniaturized along with servo motors for RC aircraft and helicopter use. Eventually, I found the Dunehaven GS-1, which is a combined gyro/servo in one package.

We have SolidWorks and a 3D printer so I set out to make a housing that would support the camera on my SV650S track bike. I used the mounting bracket from a GoPro camera, since they seem to be most popular for this application.

My first test prototype to test the concept was very crude, using a keychain cam.

But it worked!

As you may be able to tell, there is a problem with the gyro drifting back to center. This setup was small and cheap enough to be willing to live with it. The newest model decreases the amount of drift. I investigated going to something that would hold the heading better, but it appeared I was going to need what amounted to a helicopter autopilot, increasing the cost 3-4X.

I continued to work on the packaging and got a GoPro. Eventually I took this setup to a track day.

And I'm pretty pleased with the results. Especially for a product that is well less than $200 (excluding camera) to put together.

Thank you RC community! I'll have much better packaging for next year.
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