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It might be just me, but the factory handlebar position on both my R1100GS and GTS1000 leave something to be desired - Too low and too far away in both cases - also at the wrong angle for my wrists in the case of the GS. The demand for adapters to raise the bars on both models seems to bear out my complaint, however. I am just over 6' tall and of normal proportions so it's doubly frustrating that both bikes have their footpegs slightly too high, although that is a compromise with ground clearance and seat height that I at least understand.

The GTS is a lovely and unique bike. It's comfortable, smooth, and great to ride but it was built with a number of other flaws, including mirrors that mostly show your elbows and a misguided 100HP restriction, strangling the magnificent FZ1000 engine to meet supposed European limitations that never came to pass.

I also don't get why Yamaha went away from having a functional self-cancelling turn signal system in the 70's and 80's.

My DR350 had a crap seat for any prolonged (over 45 min) ride but it might be argued that is not what it was intended for.
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