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Originally Posted by Photog
Not all scooters have the luxurious ground clearance of the Ruckus.

In the background you can see a little old lady on one of those mobility scooters. Cute, I thought--we'd have our two scoots in the foreground, and and the Hoveround in the background. Neato.

She stayed there for a while staring straight down. I mean, a long time. Enough time for us to get some produce. We came back, and she was still motionless.

WTF? She's not moving. Should I go over and check for a pulse?

I heard a faint whirring. It was either the 300w motor or her pacemaker. Wasn't sure.

Let's zoom in a bit, shall we?

She's high-centered the Hoveround.

Oh, okay, so it's not nice to snicker.

About the time I went over to shove her over the speedbump, one of her relatives showed up in a Chevy truck and pushed her off the speed bump, so she made it home and probably called JC Whitney to order a new bash plate and the upgraded 450watt motor.
I bet she wished the government paid for the Hoverround Adventure S model with the extra 1.5 inches of suspension travel.

I'm glad she was just stuck. I thought this was gonna turn into some kinda "Weekend at 'Toggies" thread.
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