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Originally Posted by therealbigman View Post

Mark , Your kits are worth every penny , great design and very cool looking to boot. If I was your Marketing and Financial Officer , I would have them at

299.99 cash , check, or Money order, plus shipping. If paying by paypal other than gift , than add 4 %.

I always tell my customers this ,
My name or business is not named , ... A-Affordable , or Budget builds , Will beat anyones prices. etc, etc,

Remember , good things ain't cheap , and cheap things aint good.

Them cooler set-ups of yours will be around way longer after the price of them is forgot ,

I tell my customers , your not buying this only for yourself , but whoever has it 100 yrs from now .

+1....... Marks cooler mounts are extremely well made,,i`ve dumped my bike a number of times with no issues.......and it flat out works at cooling the oil....

Until i installed the cooler i was changing the oil at under 100 miles and it was black,,really i run it 2000 miles and it still is mostly golden in color......which shows it`s not being burnt anymore...

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