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Originally Posted by GSMark View Post
Thanks! I know that you have my back.
How is your oil cooler working out?

Things are well. Starting 2 more projects with 2 old ones in the works. I will go to my grave with a bunch of bikes in pieces.
How have you been? Still solving the world's technical motorbike problems?
No doubt that you are.

Doing great Mark.nasty busy though......running 2 shops now as we lost a days are long..kinda fun though.....but a little stressed

Cooler works absolutely perfect,,thanks for making them Mark,,quality is beyond my expectations,,every bolt,nut,alloy part is well suited to this cheap crappy bolts to save money..nice to see as most things are made for profits only,,not for quality/pride in manufacture..

Should have put a cooler on this years ago...

Keep up the good work,,,and make us something cool

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