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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
I already have a moto with a 6spd, BTW...close-ratio. It would REALLY suck if it was on a dualsport. 'All that shifting and you still can't gear low enough for dirt while high enough for slab. The bike chugs in parking lots if I don't slip the clutch, and it revs pretty close to redline in 6th on I-95.
That's my DR350/435. Don't know what it was like as a 350cc but the gear ratios are so close I can be in 6th gear within fifty yards and still at only 30 mph. 3rd, 4th and 5th all feel about the same for most purposes. It barely needs four gears to cover the current 1st-6th range and could do with a much taller top gear.

Here's another: I had a 100cc bike with a hydraulic disk front brake in 1980. Why does Honda still provide the Nighthawk 250 with a small front drum for the US market?
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