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Rally raid front tank


I plan to "rebuild" a twin front tank from the Mecasystem one.

Mecasystem twin tank

The tank is the same model used for the up to 2007 and after 2007 KTM frame/engine.
Only the fairing is changing and of course the aluminum supports (because of the frame differences).

Until 2007
(picture from Challenge75 - France/Paris)

From 2008
(Picture from RallyManagement - USA)

These Mecasystem are quite good, but some Dakar riders explained me the following:
- The weight (tank full) is to high.
- The tanks are going to low, so they are receiveing many chocs
- The tanks are not allowing enough air circulation around the engine and carburator.
=> Many vapor lock issues.
=> Many heat issues with the engine.
1. Can you guys confirm or not these issues ?

2. I don't want to have 20 liters (like these 2 tanks together), but I want to have more than 15 liters (this is what I have with my current Safary tank on my KTM 525 exc).
I will rebuild the 2 tanks in carbon/kevlar but:
- I will reduce the total capacity to 16 to 18 liters (less weight)
- I will add extra space between the tank internal face and the enfine (more air circulation)
- I will add extra sapce between the tank and the water radiator (more air circulation)
- I will raise up the bottom of the tank (less chocs)
Any comments ?

3. I should receive the 2 Mecasystem tanks from a friend next summer. Then I will made a mold.
I could start faster if I could get some tanks sooner, even if they are perforated, melted (=> unusable).
If somebody has this in its garage before it goes in its garbage !
Of course, I will pay the shipment !


Fred Millet
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