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Originally Posted by OceanMtnSea View Post

I have one question that you may not be able answer, but I thought I would ask anyways for your thoughts:

Looking back, did you ever try thinking through what actually caused the lower leg damage?

Yes, I know a spill happens in milli-seconds, but in all the time you spent in the hospital bed, did you ever care to try and figure it out?

The reason I ask (this seemingly stupid, irrelevant (and possibly insensitive question)) is that I have had several discussions with other riders about the pros and cons of indestructible aluminum panniers and lower leg/foot injuries always seem to be part of that discussion(??).

Any thoughts?

its an interesting question....and one i'm kinda surprised no-one else has asked/mentioned (too polite i guess )

anyway, yes i've heard all the theories on hard panniers...and agree they have some merit (the theories)

as for what happened to me.... no, i dont really know.... i have no memory of events from seeing the 'roo airborn, to the track skidding past my face and a great rate of knots...

i couldnt even say for sure that i hit it square on...i wouldnt be surprised if it took me out mid bike...crashing into my left leg area...

how i broke my right leg...dunno... and no, i have not really thought about it.... i started to think about it a few times, but wasnt all that fussed to 're-live' it.... and didnt really see a lot of wouldnt 'undo' anything.....

it is a possiblity the hard panniers had something to do with it, but given the bike ended up backwards, and on its left side, and ended up to the left of me.... my best guess is that i prob got hit by a cartwheeling bike...... you can see how a broken leg is kinda lucky in such circumstances... and why i dont think too much about it...

ive got me some new hard panniers

but i'll prob get some soft ones too...and alternate depending on where i'm going....

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