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I was hoping to be a bit further along than this....

Been just pulling shit apart,
for reasons no greater than boredom and curiosity.
And I am curious, about this bearing plate or something
that covers the center shaft. My manual makes no mention:

Fucking phillip bastards are holding fast too.
I'm going after those later today, and then the cases will be split.
And I'm not sure why I'm doing that either.

I'm at an impasse, and am having a bastard of a time deciding on direction.
Do I rebuild the crank, bore the cylinders and get new pistons now?
Or, in the spirit of competition, run a destroy first?
I could really use input on this.
I've been mulling this over for months
and have reached no conclusion.

On one hand:
motor is out,
it's winter
my crank is sqeaky (uh, they're not supposed to do that, right?)
and $300 would take care of business.

On the other hand:
that's $300.
I could just sand the pistons,
hone the cylinders,
re-ring and be done with it.

Probably going with the other hand,
although squeakers the crank is making me thing otherwise.


This caught my attention.
Gouges on the cylinder's mating surface,
though there appears to be no sign of leakage.
I'll probably leave it alone for now,
maybe build it up with some JB if it proves to be a bastard.

And lastly, for now,
clutch hub is rather notchy.
does wet sanding sound like a decent idea?

More to come.
I'm getting back into the swing of this shit,
and am only taking 2 classes this semester,
and spring is approaching fast.
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