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Slow progress at the moment........ Now the 5/8" off-set drive sprox are done & collected from Talon......

Whilst there I asked them to make me up a special sprocket adaptor coz I need a total of 28mm off-set for the 190 section tyre fitted on the Dymag.

I need to set the rear wheel sprox in by 12mm, so they will make a plate to fit where the sprox should live and then I can fit an "off-the-shelf" item to the inboard side of that - and voila, sorted !!!!!!

Once thats done I'll get some 530 H/D chain and the drive line will be complete : All in the c&s effort will be just over 200

I've contacted a chap who powder coated my Mk.II Sprinter and he can do me frame, yokes, s/stand & mounting piece for about 150, so should get that down to him next week - 7 - 10 day turn-around
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