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Custom POI Symbols

Assigning custom POI symbols is a completely different process than assigning custom Waypoint symbols. Of coarse, there's a couple tricks to enable this to function correctly on the Montana.

- POI Loader v2.7 (Windows)
- Montana 650 fw:v3.68
- Paint.Net (used for creating/updating bitmap files)
  1. Download POI files (csv or gpx format) from your favorite POI website. I found it easier to group simular POI files together in the same directory on your PC because of how the POI loader program works.
  2. To assign a custom symbol to each POI file, download or create a bitmap file with the same name as the POI file. I found the bitsize must be 8 bits and less than 32x32 pixel size otherwise image does not display correctly on the map.
  3. Run POI Loader.exe program to send POI's to your Montana. Available from Garmin website.
  4. POI Loader will generate a Garmin formatted POI file in the \Garmin\poi folder. Due to a bug in POI Loader v2.7, you must rename the extension from ".poi" to ".gpi". Otherwise the POI's will not be loaded by the Montana. The bitmap image file(s) for your custom symbols will be included in the POI file. Note the waypoint image files located in your \Garmin\CustomSymbols are not used for POI's.
  5. Where To? application on the Montana should now have an Extras option along with your POI lists

  6. The custom POI symbol should also be available on the map
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