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Originally Posted by southwade View Post
It still has ghastly headlights.
Yeah, the DL1000? You forgot ugly, and...
The 3mm rear wheel shim offset thing,
The throttle bodies blowing clean off the intake boots after the TPS device fails and the bike won't idle after a long highway run.
Did I mention the grossly inaccurate fuel gauge due to the weak ground return that feeds the trouble-prone in-tank fuel pump assembly?
And something about hub-rubbers occasionally self destructing in the rear wheel assembly? (ask me how I know)

And that little rubber hose that feeds the two injectors has a nasty tendency to leak raw fuel on top of the engine once the bike is heated up and under load.

(That minor leak on top of your Vee is not coolant, its gasoline. Trust me.)
BTW: That pesky little hose is a $165.00 part.

I won't get into saddles, wind screens, stock handlebars, front shocks, or even stock mirror removal to eliminate the heinous buffeting that every one assumes is the piss-poor windscreen.

Ya know, If I didn't have a Harley, A GS500, and old Honda that consistently run like a fine clock, I might think all bikes run like a V-Strom.
Not that I don't love my big Vee
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